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About Bodyvolt

Welcome. This is the online store of the label triad Bodyvolt, Venus Noir and Kommando 6. We also offer (artist-)related items of other labels.

History: the idea for Bodyvolt was born at the end of 2003. It should become the partner label of ELECTRO-label Kommando 6; its focus would be on WAVE-music. This plan was never executed and it was only after the end of Kommando 6, when Bodyvolt got activated. It started with a mini series of Tapes + CDs in 2007. Vinyl followed later. The musical spectrum of the Tape/CD series is unspecific. The focus of the 12" vinyl series is on todays SYNTH/WAVE. In 2017 emerges the plan for a 10" vinyl series that will focus on ELECTRO (start: 2018).