• Image of Bruta Non Calculant / Swesor Bhrater - Split EP

First release in the Bodyvolt 10" vinyl series, Cat.Nr. BVV-04. Relased on 15th October 2018. Bruta Non Caluculant is a project of French artist Andreas Alaxis G., Swesor Bhrater is a project of his brother Victor-Yan. 7 tracks in total, 4 by Bruta Non Calculant, 3 by Swesor Bhrater. Genres: Electro, Experimental, Minimal Wave, with a mystic touch to it. 200 copies, black 10" vinyl, foldover paper cover in clear plastic sleeve. Mastering by Bruta Non Calculant / Swesor Bhrater. Cover and labelprint artwork by Aaron VIII. Soundclips at Soundcloud.

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