• Image of V.A. - Electrified Bodies - LP

10 years of Bodyvolt (active since 2007)! We celebrate this with a third exquisite release in the Bodyvolt Vinyl Series (Cat.Nr. BVV-03). 9 tracks by various artists: Bruta Non Calculant (formerly known through Invasion Planete Records and his project Le Syndicat Electronique. Now: Hieratique Records), Eleven Pond (Dark Entries; legendary 80s New Wave Band), Flying Bodies (Kommando 6, Enfant Terrible), Swesor Bhrater (also from the Ex-Invasion Planete circle, now: Hieratique Records), Nina Belief (No Emb Blanc Records), TecRoc (Kommando 6), Naive (formerly known as Autonom or as Codes on Kommando 6 and Falco Invernale), Black Pond (Bodyvolt; a project of Eleven Pond/Jeff Gallea + Beta Evers) and Radikale Analog Fraktion (Kommando 6, Bodyvolt). SYNTH/WAVE and ELECTRO on limited white vinyl, 250 copies. First 100 copies came with a hand-numbered DIN-A 5 sized booklet and a Bodyvolt sticker (these copies are SOLD OUT!!!). The other 150 copies come with an unnumbered, smaller edition of the booklet and a Bodyvolt sticker. Mastering by Ruud Lekx (Rude 66). Artwork by Bernd Spring. Released on 22th November 2017. Soundclips at Soundcloud.

Sold Out